September 17, 2011

roof garden

This is how my roof garden started out. I am going to have a do-over next spring!


Kip Whitehead said...

Purple, pink, red, and yellow – Those flowers definitely make a picturesque view on your roof. The thing about flowers is that they have a calming effect on people. Gazing at your roof will make you feel better after a busy day at work, for instance. Anyway, flowers truly make the world a better, more beautiful place. ;)

Tiffany Larsen said...

What you’ve got right there can be the start of a bountiful harvest for you in the future. :) And hey, those flowers on your rooftop look healthy and beautiful. I can tell by simply looking at them that you truly care for them, or maybe you just have a phenomenal green thumb! Haha!

Emily Montgomery said...

Placing a lot of flowers on your rooftop is like crowning your entire house. I wish your passion for roof gardening will inspire other people to emulate this green initiative of yours. =) Can I have some fresh beans if there’s more? Hehehe =)